Catering FAQs

We’re pleased you’re considering The Chicken Scoop for catering your upcoming event, party, shindig, etc.

You probably have some additional questions, some of which may appear below. If not, please call us and we look forward to meeting you.

Yes. We do require at least 24hrs advance notice, ideally before 2pm the day before you need catering.
Yes. We have a fancy car and everything. A small delivery fee applies, depending on your delivery location.
Yes we do. We provide plates, cups, and utensils.
We do not serve at events, but we do deliver and provide you with everything you need for your guests.
We have many options other than chicken salad. Check out our menu!
Yes. We do have a $100 minimum order to be eligible for delivery.
Payment arrangements may be made with a manager when calling and placing the order.
Yes. They will absolutely love you for mixing it up and serving them several flavors of deliciousness from The Chicken Scoop.